Tuesday, May 17, 2011

(Frequently?) Asked Questions

No matter how silly:

1. Age group awards? No
2. How about facial hair? the more the better
3. More points if one wears pink? +5 if you wear a pink shirt. -5 if you get shot because of it.
4. Can one use starter blocks for the start? Starting blocks encouraged (but no bonus points)
5. Can I bring my pet unicorn? i'm sorry, for the safety of other runners, unicorns are not allowed due to the dark morning start.
6. How big is the loop? 40 miles
7. Can I pay the $10 in pennies? Yes, but they have to be rolled in $.50 rolls
8. Where in the world is carmen san diego? California
9. What about headphones? not allowed, for your safety
10. Is there a time limit? no, feel free to spend as much time covering the course as you want

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