Tuesday, May 17, 2011

(Frequently?) Asked Questions

No matter how silly:

1. Age group awards? No
2. How about facial hair? the more the better
3. More points if one wears pink? +5 if you wear a pink shirt. -5 if you get shot because of it.
4. Can one use starter blocks for the start? Starting blocks encouraged (but no bonus points)
5. Can I bring my pet unicorn? i'm sorry, for the safety of other runners, unicorns are not allowed due to the dark morning start.
6. How big is the loop? 40 miles
7. Can I pay the $10 in pennies? Yes, but they have to be rolled in $.50 rolls
8. Where in the world is carmen san diego? California
9. What about headphones? not allowed, for your safety
10. Is there a time limit? no, feel free to spend as much time covering the course as you want


what i love about this, isn't the course, but the fact that after running 40 miles, you only need to rehydrate with 25oz of gatorade. sweet.

map is provided. course starts and ends at my house, traverses a lot of the city of raleigh greenway system, runs some on sidewalks and cuts through umstead park for about 4 miles. the first half will be mostly flat, the second half will be hilly(ish). it's one big loop.


It's doubtful there will be any support for this run. It is an un-aided event. However, you might want to bring some cash with you to support the fine convenient store establishments along the way. I'll post a list and approximate mileage between "stops" prior to the event. I may be able to supplement these with a couple more...don't plan your aid around me though or you might be disappointed.


Entry is (net) free. However, you must send me a crisp (or wrinkled, I don't care) $10 to reserve your spot. If you show up run morning I give you your $10 back. If you don't show up, thanks, you bought us post-race refreshment!

Post Event

I'll fire up the grill (as if you haven't been hot enough all day) and will cook burgers and hotdogs. In addition, I'll have made some great sides and will have plenty of fluids. Feel free to chill and hang out as long as Andrea lets us. Finn's pool might also be full, though it's doubtful he'll let us play in it.

Event Beer

for the purpose of scoring and re-hydrating shall be either miller high life or pabst blue ribbon, as provided by myself. otherwise, you may bring your beverage of choice, as long as you bring a few others to share.


Solo - teams of 1 (duh)

Relay - teams of 2. one runs, the other bikes. one bike per team. not a ride and tie. can "tag" as many times as you want, as often as you want.

Relay - teams of 3. one runs, the other two bike. two bikes per team. can "tag" as often as you want. one bike must stay with runner at all times.

This is a bad idea - DETAILS

Date: August 6th.
Start Time: 0400.
Start/Finish: Our house (the one we live in)
Course: 40 miles, one big loop of Raleigh
Cost: $0 ($10 deposit, refundable run morning, provided you show up. see "ENTRY" post)